DeFi Chronicles — Week 36/52 — Passive Income, Real Estate, and long-term investments

Happy Sunday,

Things are getting uglier around the world with Russia cutting gas supplies to Europe. If this continues, we might see a bear market we haven’t seen before.

Gas is more important than what we think. Winter is coming; without gas, people cannot warm their houses, businesses cannot operate, etc. If Europe tumbles, everybody tumbles. May God be with them.

Even though there is not much good news, the Ethereum merge is coming next Tuesday 13th. And that got the overall market moving.

Let’s take a look at BTC and ETH charts.

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We finally touched the 19k. Small bounce as I have been saying weeks before. Now the resistance is crossing that previous trend line.

To be above $24,000 should be the goal, and hold it. If we fail to hold it, we might see 19k again or even worse, 17k.


We broke the $1,700 resistance. The next step is to hold and break the $2,000. I am calling for a $2,300 ETH post-merge.

After the merge, we might start seeing price fading. As usual, buy the rumor and sell the news.

Long-term Crypto portfolio — DCA10

💡 DCA10 is a crypto portfolio where I am buying $10 worth of crypto every day.

What I started 80 days ago with only $10 is already at $862. That’s the power of consistency.

This week I added 6 days of ETH and 1 day of GMX. Yes, I know I said I wanted to add Gains Network instead but I went with GMX because of the Arbitrum Airdrop.

I made a video on how we can get involved with Arbitrum for as cheap as possible. Currently, I have taken over 25 transactions with less than $50. (And I still have money available).

Here’s a link to it:

ETH will continue to be my main focus until I reach 0.25

Passive Income

Passive Income News:

Spring Game is hard capping their biggest tree, the oak tree. By limiting the creation of their biggest earner there is less money to be paid, and that makes the protocol more sustainable.

They have the last sale on their oak trees with a 10% off, plus if you also use my creator code DEFICHRONICLES you get an extra 2%. That is 12% off.

Passive Income Portfolio

Finishing this week with $163 in passive income. Most of them come from Spring Game and Scarlet Chain.

I am still scanning and looking where else I could put my money to work. I just started purchasing GMX, even though they pay dividends it is not enough to count it in the portfolio.

Real Estate

I wrote an article explaining why I like and how you can start with it.

Currently, I own 1 token of a property and I have been getting my dividends daily. This week I made $0.056.

The goal is to slowly increase my dividends by adding more tokens.

Sign up using my ref link and get $25 free!

Passive Income Tracker

Numbers are powerful. Only when you track and examine your investments you will see past the noise and notice what is working and not.

If you want to track your passive income the right way and be 100% sure that you are making money, click the link below.

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As always, thank you for reading,

Keep building the life you deserve. 🏗️


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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, I am just a guy with a laptop sharing his opinions and experience. This is for entertainment purposes only. Always Do your own research before investing.



Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.

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Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.