Here’s How I Make $200/Week In Passive Income Using Crypto

Let’s talk about my crypto cash flow. Probably my riskiest play this year but also the one that I am having the biggest amount of fun with.

I have no affiliation with any of these projects, so this is my realest review. I even decided to remove my referral link from vapor nodes to be as transparent as possible.

I started investing in passive income projects on January 25th, with a $266 investment in TITANO.

Since then I have been cashing out, reinvesting, and reallocating my money to increase my cash flow.

Some projects I have invested in did not work well, others did, but today’s goal is not to talk about all the projects I have invested in. It is more to show you how I have been cashing out $200/week lately.

So here’s what it look like;

Below is an approximation of my income, but it can fluctuate a little bit depending on if I am compounding, or the price of the token that day.

There’s a review on my youtube channel “DEFICHRONICLES” for almost all of these projects, if you want a review for a specific one, just let me know in the comment section.

There is some game mechanism that makes it kinda hard to understand, and over the long run, there is an obligation to keep investing in the project to receive your rewards. So far, I like it and I got my initial investment back from it.

My total investment in Spring is $1,055. I have cashed out $1,191 which put me at a 12% positive ROI. Currently making around 18 SPR per day with a daily income of $17.

Income per week $118

This can change because of the game mechanism, depending on if all my trees are being watered and making 100% reward.

Coming from the infamous Red Light Chain. Price have been pretty steady, but managing fees on this project is a pain in the a**.

The amount of money invested is from the past project “Red Light Nodes”. They migrated to another blockchain (that they created), so I received Scarlet Chain Nodes for my previous Red Light Nodes.

Income per week $35

Depending if I have to pay fees that week I can make between $25 to $35

A rebasing project that works with a trading bot. We purchase their native token (OPT2) and in return we receive 1% of holding per day.

The bot is trading various pair on the polygon network, including OPT2 to sustain the protocol and consistent buy backs to bring the price up.

Income per week $23

Very bullish on the project so I will be compounding for now, which should increase my weekly income.

Similar to OPT2 but instead of rebasing a token they pay 1.5% on the token you stake on their site.

I staked around 550 MATIC and currently making around 8 Matic per day.

Income per week $45

Another project that I am bullish on for the long term. I have been using their Vapor Dex, and it is amazing. I bridge at least twice a week, and the fees on Vapor Dex are significantly lower, sometimes 10x cheaper. That’s a game changer.

To use their Dex you need to have a node. The minimum investment is pretty low, 1,000 vapor tokens which at current price is less than $2. And you also receive 1% daily.

Currently making 1% from my node, which has around 35,000 Vapor tokens.

Income per week $4

One of my first love. They are trying to get the price back up to $1. For now, I am making peanuts. But I was able to cash out my initial investment, so all good.

Income per week $3


Adding everything up, it comes up to $225. You might be asking yourself how much money I have invested overall, so here is the answer:

Quick stats:

  • Invested: $5,387
  • Cash Out: $4,307
  • Compound: $1,284

Even though compounding is not money I put in my pocket,I like to show it because I could have pocketed that money, but instead I preferred to increase my holding in some projects instead of cashing out.

Reality is, most of the time it is better to just cash out. At least based on my experience.

Overall, I am still making good money per week. $200 per week will not make me rich, but after doing the initial research it most likely a passive income for me.

Reality is that most of these project will not be here the years or even months to come, but I like to process of getting involved with DeFi and learning as much as possible while making money.

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Numbers are powerful. Only when you track and examine your investments you will see past the noise and notice what is working and not.

If you want to keep track of your passive income, check out my spreadsheet and automate all your transactions and important information.

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, I am just a guy with a laptop sharing his opinions and experience. This is for entertainment purposes only. Always Do your own research before investing.



Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.

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Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.