Here’s What 8 Months of Crypto Passive Income Look Like

I started playing with crypto passive income on January 25th. Since then I have been documenting it every Sunday in my newsletter, make sure you subscribe.

In this article, I want to show all my investments, wins, and losses. There is a ton of “influencers” out there telling you that they are making 10, 50,100k per month but they are not showing the losers.

I want to show you the real face of playing with passive income and what you can really expect from it.

Let’s review one by one my passive income projects.

First project is TITANO. I invested $266 on January 25th.

On the picture above (my spreadsheet), you can see that I compounded around $100, I was doing that to increase my holdings in the hopes that I was going to make more money.

After 4 months I decided to cash out completely and sold my whole position.

I made a profit of $150. ✅

Second project is Polar Nodes. I invested $85 on January 29th. I wish I would have leave it there but no, I got caught up into the hype few months later and increased my holdings to $1,426.

I used to love it, but after 80% of the team left this project became trash. I am currently making less than $1 per week. So I don’t think I will make my money back.

I am down $843. ❌

Third project is Power Nodes. I invested $280 on February 28th.

Another huge loss. The second I got in it started going south. I am currently making a few cents per week so I consider this a total loss.

I am down $240 ❌

Forth Project is Vapor Nodes. I invested $205 on February 27th.

I made a profit! But I got into the eternal compounding cycle. I wish I would have profit a little bit more at the top. Rarely enough, vapor nodes is one of the few projects that I do think can make it over the long run.

I am still making around $4-$5 per week.

I made a profit of $82 ✅

Vapor nodes referral:

Fifth project is Red Light Nodes. I invested $635 back in March.

I really thought I lost my money on this one, but no. They created a blockchain that is gasless and everybody that had a node now has one on the new blockchain. The name of the new node project is Scarlet Chain.

I am currently making around $35/week and should get my ROI in 8 weeks. After getting my ROI, I might compound.

I am down $294 ❌

Sixth project is Ruby Mine. I invested $157 in April.

This investment was pure gambling, even more than the others. Luckily I end up making some profits. Currently making a few cents per week, so this is pretty much dead.

I made a profit of $55. ✅

Seventh project is Grape Finance. I invested $474 also in April.

Man, I used to love this project!. Now I don’t see how they will be able to bring the price back up. But oh boi the team is working, so props to them.

I am still making around $5 per week.

I made a profit of $42 ✅

Eight project is Sphere Finance. I invested $292 also in April.

I made a tiny tiny profit. I sold a big chunk of my position at the top. Left like 20% hoping to get another ride that never happened. So I end up selling my leftovers few days ago.

I made a profit of $0.85 ✅

Ninth project is Emp Money. I invested $350 also in April.

Unfortunately, the amount of money I make here is based on the ETH price. And because we are in a bear market I stopped cashing out. This project is on pause right now until ETH hits at least 3k and taking profits becomes profitable.

I am down $288 ❌

My tenth project is Bamboo Finance. I put $520 in May.

😡 My first rug! I cashed out the first week then they took the liquidity out. I guess you are not a crypto investor until you get rekt or rugged.

I am down $427 ❌

Eleventh project is Pirate Nodes. I put $88 back in May.

I haven’t got back my ROI. The do have a functional game but it looks like there is not enough hype around it. So there is no demand for their coin.

I am down $61. ❌

Twelfth project is Spring Game. I invested $1,055 in June.

😍 My favorite project so far!

I am still down $110 but that is because at first I put $400, and with time I have increased it to 1k.

Based on the numbers on my spreadsheet I should get my ROI within the next week.

I am down $110 ❌

If you want to invest in Spring Game make sure to use my creator code DEFICHRONICLES to get 2% off!

Here’s a 1m video on how to create a passive income tree.

Total Investment VS Total Cash Out

The most important thing to know is if this experiment is working or not.

  • Total invested = $4,581.40
  • Total Cash out = $3,813.26
  • Total Compounded = $1,273.39

Total loss = ($768)


1- If I would have cashed out instead of compounding so much I would been in profit right now.

2- I am currently making around $160/week in passive income so I should be at break even in a matter of a few weeks.

Weekly earnings since day 1 — DeFi Chronicles Spreadsheet


When I started playing with nodes, passive income projects, ponzinomics, however you want to call it my goal was and still is to learn and understand them.

Crypto is such a new place and it is changing so rapidly that there is no such thing as an expert here. If you want to learn and understand something you will have to get your hands dirty.

We learn things by doing things!

The allocation that I have into these project represents a low amount of my overall net worth.

Risky or not I will continue to do it till December 2022. You can follow my journey by subscribing to my newsletter, its free!

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Spring Game: Use Creator Code ‘DEFICHRONICLES’ for 2% off.


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, I am just a guy with a laptop sharing his opinions and experience. This is for entertainment purposes only. Always Do your own research before investing.



Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.

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Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.