How To Withdraw Crypto Funds To Bank Account As Non-US Resident | For As Cheap As $3

As someone that is highly invested in crypto, but is not living in the US or the UK I sometimes find my options very limited in crypto. Local banks haven’t adopted cryptos like the states or other major countries, so usually, I need to find another path to get things done.

One big issue has always been cashing out or moving my funds out of exchanges to my bank account.

Don’t get me wrong having your money in crypto is cool but only until you have to eat. As far as I know, I cannot bite my bitcoins. So here’s a guide on how you can withdraw your profits/coins to your bank account as cheaply as possible.

This method will cost you an average of $3-$4.

While there are probably other ways to withdraw your funds, this is the cheapest and only method that has been working for the past 18 months.

For this you are going to need 3 things;

1- A account

2- A Wise account

3- Your bank information to receive your money

I have no partnership with any of them, but these are the cheapest options I have found, and that consistently works. Feel free to use any other platform you may want.

My links do have referrals, feel free to not use them.

1- Wise

Head over to wise, and register for an account. The registration process is very straightforward and you should be done in 5 minutes.

Tip: Make sure that all the documents like ID or proof of address (electricity bill, internet bill, any type of utility bill) you use have the same name/information on them.


Create an account on 👉

CEX is a centralized exchange like Binance or Kucoin. I went with CEX for my USD withdrawals because they are free.

Sending my money to Wise is free of charge because it is a domestic transfer. The minimum is $20.

One thing that I like to do is send my coins to CEX, swap them for USD, and send it to Wise whenever I am ready. So I use CEX as a savings account.

Here are the steps;

  • You send your favorite crypto to CEX. I usually use BUSD.
  • 🚨Make sure you read the minimum deposits.
  • Swap your crypto for USD.
  • On the right-top corner click on withdrawals, and select USD.
  • Click on Domestic transfer

Now we have to fill out the banking information using your Wise USD account.

Here’s what you do on Wise

Click on add USD account, then you will find the option below.

Sometimes, they might ask you to make a small deposit using a card to verify your identity. That deposit is still yours, you can withdraw your money.

  • Select USD account details, and then choose inside the US.

After selecting inside the US, all your needed information will show up.

Bank name: Community Federal Savings Bank

Bank Country: USA

Bank address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor New York NY 10010 United States

ABA Routing: Locate your ACH routing number on Wise. You can use it as your ABA.

Bank account: Use your Wise bank account

3- Bank Information

To make the transfer Wise will for some info that most of the time you will have to call your bank to confirm them. That should not take more than 5m.

Here’s the process:

Call your bank and tell them that you are going to receive an international transfer and that you would like to confirm some of your banking information.

  • IBAN or Account Number
  • Full registered name of your bank

That should be all the info you might need. Before calling the bank try withdrawing your funds and see what information Wise asks for.

There are two types of withdrawals. One is paying around $3, and the second is paying around $15 to have a guarantee that you will receive the same amount.

I have used both and I always get the same amount. So I would rather pay $3.

Sending your money from to Wise takes up to 2 days, and weekends are not included.

Transferring your funds from Wise to your local bank account takes anywhere from 1–3 days, depending on your bank. Mine is done within 24 hours. Weekends are not included.

If you feel stuck or there is something you are not 100% sure about ask customer support. All of them have great customer support (minus the bank, I hate banks haha).

Feel free to leave a comment or reach out on Twitter or Email.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, I am just a guy with a laptop sharing his opinions and experience. This is for entertainment purposes only. Always Do your own research before investing.



Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.

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Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.