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LayerZero is a communication protocol enabling direct, cross-chain transactions between blockchain networks. In a nutshell, it helps protocols transfer native assets between different blockchains without having to wrap a token. LayerZero already has over 3B in valuation from previous seed rounds, therefore, this might be a huge airdrop. There’s also already a token (ZRO) confirmed that we can see within their smart contracts.


This guide will be packed with information, and various tasks to increase our chances of increases our chances for the LayerZero airdrop. There are 11 projects to choose from, feel to use them all, or a specific group. Plus, you can always come back to the guide and take different tasks per week.

Follow these steps to get involved 👇:

1. We’ll First need some funds on MM, feel free to use any amount that you feel comfortable with. $20, $100, $1,000. It doesn’t matter, WAGMI with any amount.

2. Visit Stargate’s Website, connect your wallet and switch to the network you have your funds.

3. Click on the “Transfer” tab, and bridge some funds from one network to the other.
For example, bridge some ETH from Arbitrum to Optimism. Repeat the process a few times with other blockchains, and different tokens.

4. Next, click on “Pool”, and provide some liquidity on whichever pool you feel the most comfortable. Feel free to do the same with “Farming”

5. Lastly, purchase some STG tokens, I recommend using Sushi since they’re also using LayerZero’s technology. I would also do some cross-chain swap by activating the tab, and bridging some funds to another network.

6. After your purchase, go to the “Stake tab” and stake your STG tokens. Feel free to choose any desired staking period.

7. Now that your tokens are staked you’ll have the option to vote on Stargate. You’ll find the option by clicking on the “Vote” tab, then selecting “Vote on Snapshot”.

Be aware that you’ll need to wait until a new proposal gets submitted because we just started staking.

Rage Trade

Rage trade is a perpetual protocol built on Arbitrum, therefore, you’ll need some funds on the Arbitrum Network. At least $30, $20 USDC to trade, and another $5-$10 ETH for gas fees. Feel free to use Stargate Finance again to bridge those funds.

Since I already have a guide on it, I will not be adding the steps here. There are two guides, one on my website and one on YouTube.

Airdrop Guide: Rage Trade
Video Guide: Rage Trade

The best part is Rage trade is tokenless, therefore, we might receive an airdrop for using it.


1. Visit Holograph’s Website

2. Switch to the network of your choice and mint a free NFT.

3. Click on the “Bridge” tab, select your receiver’s blockchain and the NFT you would like to bridge. Then confirm the transaction by clicking on bridge.

Aptos Bridge

1. You’ll need two wallets for this task. Start by downloading Pontem Network’s wallet.

2. After setting up your Pontem wallet, visit Aptos Bridge. On the first, row connect your MetaMask Wallet, and on the second your Pontem wallet.

3. Choose the token and network you want to send from, then on the second row select Aptos.

4. Confirm your transaction, and follow the next task to use these funds.


1. Visit Liquid Swap.

2. Connect your Pontem Wallet and take 2–3 swaps.

3. Once done, send your funds back to your MetaMask using LiquidSwap bridge.


Cashmere is on testnet, therefore it will cost you $0.00 to use it. Also a tokenless project, therefore, it another future airdrop on the list. There’s already a guide on the website, plus a YouTube video, you know I got your back.
Airdrop Guide: Cashmere
YouTube Video: Cashmere Video

Bitcoin Bridge

1. Visit Bitcoin Bridge’s Website. Connect your wallet and switch to the network where you are holding BTC.

2. Select your send blockchain, then your receiver blockchain.

3. Once chosen, confirm your transaction.

For cheaper gas fees, go with blockchains like BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, or Optimism.

PancakeSwap Bridge

1. Visit PancakeSwap’s Bridge and connect your wallet.

2. Same process, choose your sender blockchain and the token you would like to send, and on the second row choose the blockchain you would like to receive your funds.

3. Confirm your transaction, wait for a while, and bridge it back.

zkSync Domain Service (ZKNS)

ZKNS is a domain service built on zkSync, therefore, you’ll not only be farming LayerZero but also zkSync.

To register a domain you’ll need less than $10, feel free to check ZKNS guide.


1. Visit TraderJoe Bridge, connect your wallet, and choose between BSC, AVAX or ARB network.

2. Bridge any token to another network.

3. Once done, feel free to repeat the process.


As you can see, there is no specific way to farm LayerZero. From bridges, NFT, trading and even swapping using Sushi, there’s an option for everybody. Feel free to choose a few of the projects or all of them. Try to repeat the process a few times a month.

Once done, check your ranking and transaction volume using these dashboards built on Dune.

1. Cryptoed dashboard
2. Karcharodon dashboard
3. Datafi dashboard
4. Kosk dashboard

Done!🥳 Be sure to track your transactions and repeat them once in a while. Feel free to use our airdrop tracker.

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