My 30 Day Results Staking TITANO — Make $40/week instead of chasing the crazy 102,483% APY

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I have been in Titano for around a month now. If you’ve read another article or you’ve seen a video about it they usually speak about the high holders a fixed interest rate of 1.8999% daily or with compounding 102,483.58% annually APY (compounded) that they offer.

After taking a massive dip with Wonderland, and seeing how even great projects like BTC, LUNA, FTM can dip in a matter of days I now have more respect for the “Take your profits first, let the rest run” motto.

Why cash out each week instead of compounding the APY.

Compounding sounds fantastic, who does not want 102,483% APY on their money? But how do I know this project is sustainable? As an investor my job is to invest, I will never fully know if the project will work or not. That's why it is so important to spread your risk, take your initial investment out, move it into another project, rinse and repeat. Each time you repeat that process, each time is harder for you to lose in this game.

Quick deep-dive into TITANO

Titano is a rebase token with an auto-staking feature. Just like most of the other passive income projects out there. You buy, hold, earn.

When you buy the tokens they rebase right in your wallet. There is no deposit option. Titano pays every 30 minutes, which means you get paid 48 times a day (You will see it reflected in your wallet).

The 30 minutes rebase sounds cool for most people, I don’t really see the hype. I usually take rewards weekly, and sometimes daily, but who is taking profits every 30 minutes?

Holders earn a fixed interest rate of 1.8999% daily or compounding 102,483.58% annually. Please take into consideration that for you to hit that 102k% you cannot withdraw because the 102k APY is compounded.

For example, as for myself If I would take profit every day I would make 1.9% every day on what I am holding. At the end of 365 days, I would have made 693% (Still a lot btw).

How they make money

This project is pretty simple (for now). They make money from the buy and sell orders.

When you are buying Titano, you pay 13% in buy fees. This means if you are buying 1,000 $titano for $100. You will receive 870 $titano.

When you are selling Titano, you pay 18% in sell fees. This means if you are selling 1,000 $titano for $100. You will receive 820 $titano.

I know it might sound outrageous, but that is one of the ways the protocol makes money, so who am I to blame? Most other projects charge a claim fee, selling, and buying fee. That’s their way to keep providing liquidity and capital for new products and services.

One additional benefit of the high fees is that Titano is benefiting when Whales dump because the fees collected supports $TITANO.

They also added a lottery feature called P.L.A.Y

How it works is that a group of people lock their tokens, the APY made on these tokens is then awarded to a smaller group of people. In the end, everybody got their token back. The reward is the APY made when the token were locked.

If you lock your tokens for 10 days, what you lose is the APY that you could have made during the 10 days.

I don’t know if they make money from that feature, I try to look online and found nothing. I’m pretty sure they have their cut.

My story with it

On January 25th I invested $266 in Titano for a total of 1,885 coins. Since then at the end of each week, I sell anything that is above 1,885. Usually, it is around 250–300 Titano tokens (depending on the day I sell).

The APYF is fixed, so no matter what I will receive the same amount of token, unless I am holding more tokens then it will compound.

Price has been fluctuating between 0.10 to 0.18 and I have been selling around it also. To this day I have been able to make $138. That’s an average of $35 per week, in 1 month I have made back 51% of my original investment.

This is how much I was making per day with Titano price at 0.18c.

After I cash out my initial investment goal is to take 50% of my rewards weekly and leave 50% to compound and create more passive income.

The hack

On Feb 15Tth the P.L.A.Y feature got hacked. There was a flaw in the smart contract and someone got access to 20mil tokens and sold it right away. Price crashed down to 0.4 but recovered in under 2 hours.

As far as I know everybody got their token back and the main contract for Titano is safe.

Guide to buy Titano

I like the project and it has been paying well, if you want to try it I do suggest to make your own research first and always invest a small percentage of your portfolio. Diversification wins, always.


  1. Add the Binance Smart Chain network to your Metamask wallet
  2. Fund it with some BNB (Withdraw BNB from Binance to your MM wallet).
  3. Go to the and click on buy on the first page to buy on pancakeswap, or click on “Open app” on the right top side and then click on swap to get redirected to (I do prefer bogged).
  4. After buying the amount you want there is nothing more to do

If you want to you can go to, connect your wallet to get some stats and be able to use their calculator but this step is not needed.

In case you do not know how to use MetaMask, I wrote an article about it which teach you how to use and how to add new networks.

If you are into passive income plays like me, you know how hard it is to track these investments. I created this spreadsheet with DeFi in mind, so it is tailored around passive income. The goal of the tracker is to help you know if you are profitable or not.

Check it out:

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, I am just a guy with a laptop sharing his opinions and experience. This is for entertainment purposes only. Always Do your own research before investing.



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