My Plan to Reach $50,000 in Crypto Airdrops

3 min readAug 25


Getting a whopping $50,000 from an airdrop? Is that even for real?

Folks managed to snag up to 15k from the $ARB airdrop

Ever wondered what you could pull in from airdrops for zksync, LayerZero, Starknet & Zora?

I’m pretty darn sure we could easily pocket a bare minimum of 15k total, and I’m not even being all that optimistic That breaks down to 3.7k per project. Picture yourself farming 5 wallets. How big do you think your slice of the pie could be?

I think 50k is doable🔥

Here’s the process:

Set up a min of $100 — $200 per wallet to start farming these projects

Make sure to:

  • Not send funds between your wallets
  • Turn on a VPN
  • Be organic, yeah We want multiple airdrops but at least be real, have fun, and don’t look like you are using that wallet just for farming
  • Take several transactions per week, at least 2

If you need to send funds between your wallets, check out this video first

By focusing on these projects we should be able to make at least 1–10k per project per wallet. Make sure to be consistent and continue to add volume once or twice a week.


With a valuation of over 3B, and the airdrop around the corner, here’s how to participate in 2 easy steps.

1- Go to Sushi

2- Do some Cross-chain Swaps

No explanation is needed here. You’re just swapping one token on chain A, to receive token B on chain B

Stargate Finance

You can also use Stargate Finance to send funds from one chain to the other.

Same as Sushi, you are swapping one token on chain A, to receive another token (can be the same), on chain B Btw Stargate is cheaper than Sushi


With over 400M raised, you don’t want to miss the hottest L2 airdrop

1- Bridge funds using Orbiter (which is tokenless)

2- Swap using (also tokenless)

3- Feel free to also use other projects such as SyncSwap, Mes Protocol, HoldStation since all of them are also tokenless


If you are into NFTs then Zora is the one for you. With a 600M in valuation, using the Zora chain might help us receive an airdrop in the future

Bridge $20 using Orbiter

Purchase a few NFTs on Zora

Here’s an NFT collection for you


Probably the craziest valuation out there. 8 Billion dollars! This airdrop might be good 👀

You’ll need a Bravoos or ArgentX wallet

Go to Orbiter, connect your MetaMask and ArgentX wallet, and bridge +$50.

Add volume using: — 10kSwap — mySwap — AVNU — JediSwap


A few more tips, even though I mentioned Orbiter for bridging, it’s always good to bridge at least once with the official bridge for each project. It is a little bit more expensive though but worth it.

To reach 50k we only need to make 2.5k from each project. And that’s not even counting other airdrops we might receive like Orbiter, Odos, and all of the Dexes on Starknet Hope this helps, happy farming

If you want a more visual guide, check out this video




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