Pirate Nodes | Will The P2E Game Save The Project?

3 min readJul 26, 2022


Pirate Nodes launched over two months ago starting with nodes. Each node was promising a fairly good amount of rewards per day, but now the big update is around the P2E Game.

If you want to learn more about the nodes, click below:

Let’s do a quick recap of what happened and next, we will talk about the game.
After launching the project took a hit because selling pressure started to build. There were over 20,000 nodes generating rewards, so by default, we had a lot of people selling their rewards for a profit.

Which created a cascade in price as you can see below

The first day was crazy, the price went up over $20. Reminding you that they had a sell tax for early sellers, preventing bots and traders from profiting for the first days. After that, we got a continuous drop in price now stabilizing around $3-$5 per token.

What happened now is that they finally launched their game and it is creating utility and buy pressure for the project.

Pirate Nodes created a battleship-style game called ‘Pirate Ships’. This is a strategic game where you will be able to play against each other for tokens or even enter tournaments to try and win a large sum of $DOUB.

To play their board game you are required to purchase a character which cost $DOUB, their native token. The interesting thing about characters is that with every X amount of purchases the price will start to increase, which you can also choose to sell on the secondary market.

Also pretty sure that you can bet, and purchase ships and other goodies using $Doub. Now you see where that buying pressure is coming from?

The game is already active and people are already enjoying it. I haven’t tried it myself because I am not really a gamer.

Marketing updates

I hate to say it but since day one I’ve always thought that Pirates Nodes have very deficient marketing. It looks like now they are working hard on fixing that.

Marketing will be all around the game and not the nodes which is a good thing. Nodes make the project unsustainable while the game makes it sustainable.

Some marketing strategies I am aware of:

YouTube Influencers

Q&A, Chatting, making them play the game, overviews of the entire protocol, etc.

Tournaments where the big win is X amount of money, plus using different established discord servers to promote these tournaments.

Twitter influencers game battles and bets.

Monthly fee updates

Since day one we knew that Pirates Nodes had a monthly fee for their nodes but we haven’t seen them. So what happened is that the monthly fees were delayed until the game was out and working correctly.

They still haven’t activated the fee, hopefully, they don’t. I don’t want to pay it lol.

Conclusion and thoughts

To be honest, I was losing faith in this project, but now after hearing some AMAs and seeing the updates this might become something good.

They are relying a lot on the game, so if people don’t like it. Oh well…

So far so good. Let’s see how this develops over time.

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