Road to 10k/Month Crypto Passive Income | July Review

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On February 29th I started a personal challenge where I would try to build a $10,000 Passive Income portfolio starting with just $800. I’ve been investing in crypto for some time but have always had the same issue.

Being a young guy who lives in a 3rd world country, saving and investing more than $300 per month can be an impossible task.

I started dabbling into the idea that I could generate some passive income when I got into Wonderland last year. I know that most of you were only thinking about the crazy +80,000% APY, but all I could think was that I could cash out every week and create a new revenue stream to funnel it back to my blue-chips coins.

A few weeks later Wonderland crashed, but because I am always so optimistic I thought, there might be more Wonderlands out there that could make it. Maybe If I buy into 10 or 20 of them, at least 4 of them might survive and be my new revenue stream.

That’s how my 10k/month challenge started. I took some profits on some of my Luna position. $800, was my starting point for all of this.

Why 10k/Month? It’s a crazy idea, laughable. But with that goal, my brain has to think way more and be more creative with that target. 1k-2k is totally achievable, but I wouldn’t be as creative as I am now.

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Here’s the video format of this article:

6 Months already went by and I am still super far from hitting my crazy 10k goal. But I am still pulling some profits each month.

Thanks to the help of Grape Finance, Spring Game, and Vapor Nodes I was able to make a decent revenue this month. Below you can find a video review for each project;

Spring Game:

Grape Finance:

Vapor Nodes:

If you do decide to go with these projects feel free to use my referrals;

Vapor Nodes:

Spring Game: Use the creator code ‘DEFICHRONICLES’ for a 2% discount.

Projects like Polar, Pirate Nodes & Ruby Mine are still paying some rewards but the amounts are so insignificant that I see these as noise.

Adding everything up I made in total $521 in passive income for the month of July.

As you can see on my chart below;

  • Week 27 — $168
  • Week 28 — $152
  • Week 29 — $100
  • Week 30 — $101

So far I have invested in Titano, Thor, Polar, Vapor nodes, Pirate Nodes, Bamboo, Spring, Emp Money, Grape, Ruby and Sphere Finance.

Some of them I think were good investments, others just trash.

Below you can see the current ROI for each project.

Polar ~41%
Thor ~16%
Power-nodes ~14%
Vapornodes ~122%
Redlight-node-district ~48%
Titano ~156%
Sphere-finance ~91%
Grape-finance ~101%
Ruby mine ~135%
Spring Game ~ 106.08%
Bamboo ~17.80%
Pirate Nodes ~ 28.83%
Emp Money ~17.71%

Bamboo was a rug, my node on Thor got deactivated because I did not pay the fees and I sold 100% of my position on Titano.

These are my top performers so far:

This has been a rollercoaster. But I am glad I decided to try this, I have learned way more by doing, investing, and trying than just reading and watching youtube videos.

I know that this is highly risky, that’s why I only use play money. If I lose it all I will be ok.

I will continue searching for projects worth my time and money and grind my way to that 10k passive income.

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