The Modern Investor — Week 35/52 — Passive Income, Crypto & Alternative Investments

Happy Sunday,

We are already in September! I want to slowly add more alternative investments to this newsletter and turn this into a modern investment newsletter.

Yes, Crypto will always be my main focus but I cannot preach investment diversity if and don’t also do it and share it.

Slowly I will be adding Real Estate, Stocks, and other alternative investments.

So the end goal is to keep track of what I am doing, let you know what is working and not, and become that investor that only needs access to a computer and internet connection. A modern investor 👩‍🚀

Look at that, I just got my first piece of merch. Check out all my stuff by clicking on the link below;

What’s up with crypto


Last week I said that the next level of support is 19k. We haven’t touched it yet. BTC is currently at 19.8k and the lowest this week has been 19.5k.

Expecting that 19k to give a small bounce, and then a retest of the 17k.


The merge is less than 2 weeks away. The big thing is that ETH will now become deflationary. Because they will pass from POW to POS there will be no more rewards for miners.

In case you are not 100% sure what the merge is: It’s an Ethereum upgrade that ditches traditional mining — meaning having powerful computers solve math puzzles to run the network and create new coins — and switches to a system where owners of the underlying currency, ether or ETH, can stake it (hence proof-of-stake) in order to power the network.

For TA (Technical analysis) it has been holding nicely around the 1.5k area.

The big resistance is at 1.7 and 2k area. I do think we should be able to break them as we get closer to the merge. But be prepared to a dumb after that merge.

Remember that ETH staked will be available sometime later and some people might choose to sell.

Long-term portfolio

6 days of buying BTC and 1 day of NEAR. Next week I will only do ETH.

Negative on the portfolio, but I am still adding $10 worth of crypto every day. Very happy with the result so far.

I currently have on my list to start DCA very soon;

  • OP
  • BNB
  • GNS
  • REF

I do have dozens of other coins on my watchlist but for now, these are the next ones I want to add to my portfolio.

The goal is to cash out after the next Bitcoin halving. A quick reminder that as of 2022, Bitcoin miners are awarded 6.25 bitcoins for each block they successfully mine. The next halving will occur in 2024 when the block reward will fall to 3.125. That will create even more scarcity and push the price of BTC to new all-time highs.

Passive Income Crypto

Finally, the Red Light Chain is out, as also the Scarlet Chain. If you were invested in Red light nodes make sure you go check out their discord group because you can now migrate your old nodes to new ones on the scarlet chain.

Some changes that I made to my passive income portfolio;

  • Sold 100% of my stake on Sphere Finance
  • Got 2 Red Chains on Scarlet Chain (2 nodes) which is of course from the migration, I paid nothing.
  • The $Scar I got, I swap it for USDT-R and I am staking it to earn Red Light Chain tokens. APR is at 100% right now.
  • I added another tree on Spring Game.
  • Compounding my VPND for now until I hit 30k. I currently have 25k.

Polar, Pirate Nodes, and Power Nodes are still in the reds. Haven’t been able to get my ROI back.

Referrals to save some $$

Spring Game: 2% off when using ‘DEFICHRONICLES’ as your creator code

Until today they also have an 8% off their Fir trees, so check them out.

Real Estate

ha! That one is new 😏. Just started investing/buying fractional ownership in REAL properties using

Here’s a tweet thread with some of the benefits of investing using lofty.

I bought my first property yesterday. 1 share is $50. The COC (cash on cash return) or also known as the dividend is 6% APR.

Look at the transactions. You can see that the newest one is a dividend payment. Every day I get my rent payment. Of course, that is 6% divided by 365 days.

Yes, I know this is not the crazy APR we can get from DeFi, but remember that this is real property, and my share goes up in value each year. It is estimated that my $50 should appreciate around 12% per year because this is a retail plot. That does not include my 6% dividend for rent.

Sign up using the link below and get $25 for free!

Passive Income Tracker & Project review

Having another pair of eyes is a must when investing. If there is a project you want me to review so you can have another perspective on it before investing you can submit a request using the link below;

Numbers are powerful. Only when you track and examine your investments you will see past the noise and notice what is working and not.

If you want to track your passive income the right way and be 100% sure that you are making money, click the link below.

As always, thank you for reading,

Keep building the life you deserve. 🏗️


DeFi and Crypto can be lonely places. Let’s be friends on Twitter @Defichronicles.

If there is any way that I can help you, feel free to send me an email at

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, I am just a guy with a laptop sharing his opinions and experience. This is for entertainment purposes only. Always Do your own research before investing.



Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.

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Passionate about overcoming anxiety with self-dev, personal finances, and fitness.